4 Amazing Spider Robots You Must Wish To Have

Cool 4 AI Robot – Awesome Spider Robot You Must Wish To Have.
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1.T8X – https://www.robugtix.com/t8x

Looks like a spider. Moves like a spider.
Aesthetically and behaviorally realistic, the T8X is the only robot in the market that combines so much resemblance to a real spider with fine movements, programmability, and customizability. With 26 servo motors packed inside the robot and powered by the proprietary Bigfootβ„’ Robotics Engine, which contains advanced robotics algorithms for controlling multi-legged walking robots, there are endless possibilities for the types of bio-inspired, realistic movements that the robot can make.

2. BionicWheelBot
Walk and roll like a flic-flac spider.

Like its biological model, the flic-flac spider, the BionicWheelBot can both walk and roll. Together with its discoverer, Professor Ingo Rechenberg, the Festo bionics team has used these unique movement patterns and turned them into a technical masterpiece for the Hannover Messe 2018. it is twice as fast in so-called rolling mode than when walking. However, where it is uneven, it is faster walking normally. As such, in the desert, where both types of terrain can be found, it is able to move safely and efficiently.

3. MorpHex MKI –

Called the MorpHex MKII, it’s a six-legged walking robot that can morph its sectioned-off body into a sphere, then roll around on the ground. The previous generation, MKI, could only roll around in circles, but this one is capable of moving in straight lines, you know, for chasing you. It looks like the Sphero of your nightmares.

4. HEXA is a six-legged, highly maneuverable robot that can overcome obstacles and change its walking gait. It’s designed as a platform for people to learn how to program robots.

HEXA is a multi-functional all-terrain robot. It is easy to control with your mobile devices – it can walk and climb, take photos and videos, check your backyards and dance to the beat! You can connect HEXA at anywhere with its own WiFi. Plus, with HEXA you can create the applications you’ve been dreaming of. Besides the hardware parts, HEXA comes with an OS, open-source SDK and 3D simulator. Play, learn and be creative with HEXA, it is more than just a robot.

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