Digit, Walking Package-delivery Robot Is Now For Sale.

Digit – Walking Package-Delivery Robot is Now for Sale.

US startup Agility Robotics has announced that its bipedal robot Digit is now for sale, with the first two units bought by automaker Ford to research last-mile package delivery.

Digit is approximately the size and shape of a small adult human. It’s able to navigate environments semi-autonomously with the help of LIDAR and other sensors, and it can carry boxes in its arms up to 40 pounds (18 kilograms) in weight. Agility Robotics says it can be put to a range of uses, including in logistics, warehouses, telepresence, and industrial inspection.

Digit can perform some operations autonomously, but it’s not able to adapt to new environments as easily as a human.
Digit is now available for an unspecified launch price in “the low-mid six figures.


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